Pad Thai

  • 600g or 4 breast Chicken, slice into thin strips.
  • 200g Prawns
  • 3 Shallots, fine dice
  • 1 large Leek, find dice
  • Coriander
  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Bean sprouts
  • Dry Roast Peanuts, pound in pestle and mortar
  • 3 x Eggs
  • Flat Rice Noodles


  • 3 tbsp Fish Sauce
  • 3 tsp of Palm Sugar or brown sugar or any sugar you have
  • 3 tsp Tamarind paste
  • A little water or chicken stock to loosen the sauce

Cut chicken into thin strips, cook in pan, browning on both sides and set aside.

Dissolve sugar is warm water or chicken stock. Add fish sauce and tamarind, stir well and set aside.

Put noodles into boiled water and let soften. Rinse in cold water, strain and set aside.

Place small amount of oil in a wok and fry the shallot and leek on high heat.

Reduce heat to medium and add the noodle, stir and heat.

Add chicken and beansprout, sauce and mix well.

Push noodle mix to side and add egg and scramble it and stir into noodles.

Add dry roast peanuts, coriander, basil and chives and serve.

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