Month: August 2019

Kung Pao Chicken

A great chicken dish with a good spicy kick thanks to the chillies and Sichuan pepper corns. The pepper corns add a lovely numbing sensation to the taste as well as a flowery aroma. Ingredients For the Chicken 1kg chicken breast, cut into 1 cm cubes 3 tsp. dark soy sauce 3 Tbs. shaoxing wine …


Pork, Chicken or Beef? Last night we went for Chicken. The chicken breasts were poached in a delicious tomato and chipotle sauce. Then shredded and browned in a pan in homage to the pulled pork technique. Reserve some of the sauce for making your burrito. Ingredients for 10 1.5 kg Chicken Breast 2 tins 400g …


Delicious and moreish. It was feeling a bit autumnal last night. Carbonaro seemed the right call. Dead easy and very few ingredients. No need for cream in this recipe. 2 packs Steaky bacon 500g Spaghetti 3 Egg yolks Coarse ground black pepper Grated parmesan cheese Thick dice the streaky bacon and crisp up in a …

Chicken Liver Pate

This was one of the first things I ever made. A recipe of my mothers. Delicious around Christmas time. And a great gift if you buy some nice containers at Ikea.

Red Pepper Pasta

I’ve been cooking for years but often struggle to remember old recipes. So here goes with a blog to keep track of what I’m doing. Red pepper pasta is on the menu for this week. I’ll update later